Will You Marry Me?

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Will You Marry Me?

As I lie here beside you on this cool summer night
I thank the Lord above for blessing me tonight
With someone so beautiful, honest, and true
Now I know that for the rest of my life
I want to spend it with you
As I kiss your lips and squeeze your hand
I hope that in your heart you will understand
There's a fire within me burning so strong
For right here beside you is where I belong
I'll give you my heart and all that you desire
For together you and I can start an everlasting fire
That will burn forever for as long as we live
As long as it's true love that we have to give
As the world turns time will go by
Nothing will matter for it's just you and I
No one will ever come between us
For the love that we feel will be continuous
Always and forever in this circle of life
Together we will live as husband and wife
The best of lovers
The best of friends
One forever until the end

by Jeremy
Provided byLovingyou.com


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