All I wanted was this for you: 
That you could tie or buckle your shoe. 
At night when the stars blinked loftily down 
At us and the lights in our little town, 
You read to me, I read to you 
Of the Little Red Hen and Little Boy Blue, 
And all I wanted was that you should need 
To feel this urgency to read. 

And all I wanted when the noon sun shone 
Was that you could walk to school alone. 
Sometimes the wind tossed leaves in our path; 
You would leave my side and chase them and laugh; 
I watched how the breeze tossed your red-gold curls 
As you dropped my apron to run with the girls; 
All that I wanted was that you should decide 
The turn of your sails with the outgoing tide. 

All that I wanted too soon is here; 
You need me no longer, but, oh, my dear-- 
Childhood, schooldays--now that you're grown, 
How can I learn to walk alone? 
~Mabel Jones Gabbott 

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