It was in heaven when, all of a sudden, 
I was surrounded by a beautiful glow. 
A voice whispered softly, 
"It is now your time to go." 

Because I was special 
I left my Heavenly Father's side, 
And came into another world, 
So different, so spacious, so wide. 

I had great fears; 
I wept, and wondered where I was. 
I was wrapped in soft flannel 
And clean white gauze. 

When, all of a sudden, 
Arms of warmth cuddled me 
Kissed me on my tiny head, 

And whispered, "You are so dear." 
oh, so near, 
"And your eyes are blue. . 
And just look at your toes! 

You have the fairest skin, 
And the sweetest little nose." 
The arms that I was cuddled in 
Made me feel secure. 
The voice of love and adoration said, 
"You are so innocent and pure." 

I knew that someone loved me, 
And I wasn't all alone; 
But I thought at times the arms that held me 
Would crush my tiny bones. 

It was my mother 
Who cuddled me, in her loving arms. 
I knew she stayed close by my side 
To keep me from all harm. 

Days rolled onward; 
I had such tender care. 
She sang to me sweet lullabys; 
She was a jewel so rare. 

When I tried to crawl 
I hurt my tiny knee; 
She picked me up and sang again, 
Her lullabys to me. 

She would rock me in her arms 
And kiss away my tears. 
She kissed me where it hurt, 
And soothed my childhood fears. 

To Mom, time flew by, 
But to me, life was slow. 
For at last, I'm five, 
And to school I can go. 

My mother, with tears of tenderness, said, 
"You are my little girl 
I now had eyes of brown, 
And my hair in ringlet curl. 

School days. . friends...teachers, 
Each day another step. 
Mother loved and cared for me, 
A vigil watch she kept. 
Oh, how I thank my mother, 
Who gave me life on earth; 
Who suffered when I left my Lord 
And gave me royal birth. 
~Reeta B. Turner 

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