God molded you from finest clay 
And sent you from above, 
And that is how I came to have 
The gift of life and love. 

You showed me how my erring feet 
Should tread the path of life, 
That was so new, so strange to me, 
So filled with unknown strife. 

And when I stumbled on my way 
'Twas you who helped me up, 
And bade me on, and gave me strength 
To drink the most bitter cup. 

You taught me how to worship God, 
And pointed out the way, 
But greatest gift of all, my dear, 
You taught me how to pray. 

And now upon my knees I bend 
As you have taught me to, 
And bow before the heavenly throne 
To thank my God for you. 
~Thyrza Roskelley 

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