As I look in his tiny, sweet baby face, 
Snuggled so peaceful in blanket and lace, 
My joy seems complete, my cup runneth o'er, 
But, Father, I'll need the blessings still 

He's pure and good and he knows no sin, 
So I'll need thy help in raising him. 
I'll need more wisdom than I've ever had, 
That I might discern the good from the bad. 

More knowledge and patience, grant me from above, 
That I might teach him through kindness and love. 
And guide his footsteps, where'er they trod, 
That he will shun evil, and follow God. 

I know in this world temptations are great, 
That Satan is striving to alter our fate, 
So stay by my side, both day and night, 
And help me always to teach what is right. 

And bless him, too, as to manhood he grows, 
That he'll walk in the paths that the gospel shows. 
A light to the world may he always be, 
In doing good, and in serving thee. 

Thanks for the loan of this precious boy, 
Who brings me peace, and comfort and joy. 
I'll do my best to raise him just right, 
That his return "home" will be a delight. 

May celestial glory be his constant aim, 
And eternal life his final gain. 
Am I wanting too much for this tiny lad-- 
To have only the good, and know no bad? 
I'll strive day and night to fulfill my part, 
And teach all these things from a mother's heart. 

Oh! how I hope he will understand, 
That we must prepare here for the promised land. 
When his mission's complete, and his earth life is o'er, 
May he walk with thee, on that golden shore. 

Then, I'll know without doubt that my joy is complete, 
As he takes up his work in that heavenly retreat. 
~Ellen J. Eagar 




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