The Influence of Mother 

I sat and thought the other day 
Of all the joy I've had 
I know the strength of family, and 
The love of Mom and Dad. 
Cherished dreams of days to come 
Are worn when days are bleak, 
And memories comfort my despair 
When spirits become weak. 

When I was young my life was grand; 
The princess of the ball. 
My mother showed me how to love 
My brothers one and all. 
Her kindness reached across the globe 
Who's troubles seemed increased? 
She cradled cares of those unborn; 
Their pain was less. Decreased. 

When times were bad, and money short 
We children felt like kings. 
The love was warm and all around. 
We held important things; 
Like faith in Christ, our God above, 
The mentor of our days. 
Examples of her service 
We will mimic many ways. 

I ran away once, to the bears, many years ago 
A snowy day, through mother's tears, 
I learned to care, that's so. 
If I could give you anything 
A millionaire you'd be 
But what I have comes from inside; 
My love, for all to see. 
~©Janine Geho 

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