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Mother's Day and Father's Day Cards
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Anyone can be a father...  Enjoy this great FLASH Movie again and again!  Perfect for Father's Day or Any Day!

When God Made Mothers, he was into 
His sixth day of working overtime..

MIDI Selection - You are So Beautiful

Originally designed for Mother's Day.  Features a delightful and a little too accurate description!
MIDI Selection - What a Wonderful World.


M is for the million things she gave me...  Lovely!
MIDI Selection - Mother

Once upon a time, there was a child ready to be born. So, one day he asked God....  Send this touching story to the special Mom in your life.
MIDI Selection - Unforgettable

Mom of the Year Award... For Real Moms!  This is for all the mothers who DIDN'T win Mother of the Year in 2003, 
All the Runners-Up and All the Wannabes.
MIDI Selection - Teach Your Children

Have a Groovy Father's Day.  Java Enhanced!

With Links to groovynet's Java Golf Games (6 Courses!)
 With Poetry.


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