For Mothers 

A mother's work is never done, 
So the saying goes. 
She toils along both day and night 
And it seems that no one knows. 

The selfless things that she does 
And the often thoughtful deeds 
Are not for her own glory 
But for her family's needs. 

For a mother's touch can calm a child, 
And wipe away his tears 
And her loving eyes and tender words 
Can soothe away his fears. 

And though their tireless efforts 
Would seem to go unnoticed; 
We always knew you loved us so 
And mom, we always noticed. 

The love you showed in all you did, 
And the extra special care 
>From making sure the meals were cooked 
To the combing of our hair. 

So a mother's job is a difficult task, 
A job not everyone can do. 
But the Lord knew what he was doing, 
When He gave the job to you. 

For He must have looked ahead in time 
And saw all that we'd go through; 
And knew the love and grace we'd need, 
Then gave it to us through you. 

So mom, I just wanted to let you know 
From my standpoint of view 
If I could have the best mom for me, 
I would have chosen you. 
~ John David Escalera 

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