[In reply to Rock Me to Sleep.]
Why is your forehead deep furrowed with care? 
What has so soon mingled frost in your hair? 
Why are you sorrowful? Why do you weep? 
And why do you ask me to "rock you to sleep"? 
Could you but see through this world's vale of tears, 
Light would your sorrows be, harmless your fears; 
All that seems darkness to you would be light, 
All would be sunshine, where now is but night 

Follow me, cheerfully, pray do not weep; 
In spirit I'll soothe you, and "rock you to sleep," 
Why would you backward with time again turn? 
Why do you still for your childhood's day yearn? 
Weary one, why through the past again roam, 
While, in the future, the path leads you home? 
Oh, dearest child! dry those tears, weep no more, 
Call me not back from the echoless shore; 
In spirit I'll soothe you and "rock you to sleep." 

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