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What Easter Means To Me

Easter Is A Time,
That Is So Very Grand;
For It Represents The Resurrection,
Of The Greatest Man.

Yes A Man Who's Name,
Who's Name Is Jesus Christ,
Who Died Upon A Cross;
For All The World He Paid The Price!

Now You Can Have The Bunnies,
And The Baskets All In Lace,
But When I Think Of Easter,
I Can Only See The Face,

Of A Man Who Died,
So I Could Be Set Free.
Who Took My Sins And Buried Them,
On A Tree At Calvary.

Who Rose So High In Victory,
And Now Sets Upon A Throne.
Who Walks With Me Day To Day,
Who Shows Me I'm Not Alone!

No When I Think Of Easter,
A Bunny I Do Not See;
For My Jesus Is The Reason,
I'll Now Live For All Eternity!

Used with Permission from:
Cathy Jo Moore
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